S.A.T & A.C.T

General Information
School Profile
1. Adult High School Diploma program at Home.
2. Standard High School - Grades 6 thru 12
3. English as a Second Language

Our national school code is #100191 with both S.A.T. and A.C.T. Programs

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New Classes Begin Every Month at Academic High School
S.A.T. - Scholastic Aptitude Test 
A.C.T. - American College Testing
We offer a personalized program for the S.A.T & A.C.T.  
S.A.T. and A.C.T. preparation courses are offered in the most in private educational surroundings.  After school classes are available, you just match your Teacher- led program to give you self-confidence and the necessary skills to improve and to maximize your scores.
Classes begin the first week of every month. Our student to teacher ratio is small.
Total cost:  $495.00 for a total of 10 hours. At Academic High School, we provide quality with effective methodology. Call us today at (561)929-7990!
Don't be left behind again... Move forward with your life at Academic High School!
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