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1. Adult High School Diploma program at Home.
2. Standard High School - Grades 6 thru 12
3. English as a Second Language

College placement testing helps you to understand your own knowledge from this assessment.

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The benefits that you gain are the knowledge of whether you have the skills and background for College Entrance Placement. This is only one tool to measure your knowledge.  Only you can make this judgment. We can help you to discover it.  Give it a try!
Accuplacer is one of the leading College Placement Tests.  We offer this as provided by the College Boards.  This is the standard for general admittance into most local colleges within the United States.  For the full array of Testing the first time the Flat Fee is $50.00, and it must be administered by a proctor.
If you wish to take the test a second time, the fee is an additional $25.00. The testing is for English, Reading, Comprehension, Math, Writing, ESL, and more. If you have not taken the S.A.T.'s or A.C.T.'s, then this is the test to let you know if you will take main stream courses in college or if you need remediation.
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The assessment test is an excellent tool to measure your skills against students from around the world.
This is a computer generated test taken on the computer, while a proctor is present. We provide you with the scores needed by the local colleges for curriculum advancement.  College Placement Testing is created by the College Boards.