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1. Adult High School Diploma program at Home.
2. Standard High School - Grades 6 thru 12
3. English as a Second Language

Summer school can begin for you today. Contact us now and get a head start. 

Liberty Bell
High School Credit Recovery and Advancement Solutions
Save your school year with our SUMMER SCHOOL.  If you need to make up missed credits or retake a class, then we are your summer school solution!
Enroll today!  Most classes and courses available.  Failure is not an option. Everyone deserves a second chance. Most credits are accepted at all high schools nationwide and meet the Department of Education's criteria.
Do you want to prepare for a hard Mathematic class for the next school year? Then you can do remediation, or advance preparation for success with us.
At Academic High School we give you the chance to make up any missed courses. We are open all summer.  Call for a session that fits your schedule.
Students must work hard to earn the credit that was failed or do remediation. Student must complete the entire books curriculum to earn a full credit.
We are accountable to ALL PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS, grades 6 - 12.  We are fully compliant with the Florida Department of Education. Our professional teachers meet all the state requirements.
You can work at your own pace. You will earn the required credits when upon completion.
Each student must meet the Florida Department of Education requirements.
All subjects offered: core courses & electives, including all Math, Sciences, History, English, Spanish and more.  Both regular and honors classes available.
Call us now at  561-929-7990
Enroll today and Start tomorrow!
Summer school can improve your Grade Point Average, GPA.
Improve your GPA and graduate with us "ON TIME"