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 Fulfill your dreams...complete YOUR graduation requirements with ease!


The perception some teenagers have is that you don't need a High School Diploma.

Now you realize that you really do need a real High School Diploma!

Academic High School Adult Diploma Program is the answer!!!

Earn a Regular High School Diploma, not a G.E.D. 

Be proud of your accomplishments and regain your self-esteem.  We are your SOLUTION!

Dropped out? Can't pass the FCAT? Is your GPA below 2.0 or you have only received a certificate of completion? Now you can move on with your life and EARN your High School Diploma in the comfort of your own home.  

Our Adult Diploma Program is for all adults 18 years of age or older. If you've never earned your High School Diploma, then this is your opportunity to earn a standard High School Diploma as an adult.  

Take charge of your life and rebuild your self-esteem. You can apply to attend any college or university or trade school.  Our job is to send a sealed copy of your official High School Transcript to the college of your choice.  Or, you can improve your status within your company in the position you actually hold, or now improve yourself with accomplishment and pride. 

Call now and we will send you an application.  (561) 929-7990.

At Academic High School, you can graduate in as little as 3 months.  We help you make up any missed credits for your transcript and apply to attend any college or technical school.  If needed, we will help you apply to the school.  Remember each school has their own requirements beyond our diploma.  Example:  S.A.T. or Community Service or individual college entrance exams are the choice of requirements from a school.  We will help you to succeed.

Everybody wins!