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Adults can earn a standard high school diploma at home. 
We've helped thousands of adults complete their dream of graduating high school and continue on to enroll in a college, university, military, or pursue better job opportunities.
If you never had an opportuntity to finish high school and earn your diploma, Academic High School can help.  Now you can earn your high school diploma in your spare time, even if you have not been in school for a number of years.  This is an adult student friendly program.  You work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  Academic High School supplies the books and there are no tests!
Whether you are 16 or 98, you can gain confidence knowing that you have earned your high school diploma.  This is a standard Florida diploma, NOT A GED!  Academic High School provides an opportunity for you to enjoy greater success and new self-esteem that a high school diploma can bring.  You will be proud of your accomplishments and can attend college, university, vocational school, the military or change jobs having the potential to earn more money.  Graduating high school is a milestone achievement.
Academic High School can help you begin that road to success!
Take this first step to improve your future! 
Any questions? Call today @ 561-929-7990 or 561-305-7857 or 412-440-3535
Don't let the lack of a high school diploma keep you from realizing your dreams.
Academic High School has improved the lives of hundreds and hundreds of students....add your name to our list. We maintain OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT records for EVERY STUDENT who has attended Academic High School for 24 years and counting.