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School Profile
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Academic High School

1.  ACADEMIC Adult High School Education Program

2.  ACADEMIC English

3.  ACADEMIC Alternative Education 


Address: 23123 State Road 7 Suite 107 Boca Raton, FL 33428

Phone: 561-929-0333 / 561-929-7990 / 561-900-4015 / 561-305-7857

Fax: 561-883-2525



Director: Mr. Sheldon Klasfeld

Principal: Marji Baker 

Morning Registrar and Administrator:  Michelle 

Afternoon Registrar and Administrator:  John

Evening Registrar and Administrator:  Mary and Ana

Professors and Instructors: Ms. Rosanna R., Mr. Lorenzo, Ms. Diane, Ms. Rosanna O.


Program: College Preparatory High School

Founded: 2000

Department of Education Code: 50-4369

CEEB Code: 100191 College Board

Mission Statement:

Academic High School prepares students from around the world for academic excellence and success in their personal goals. We focus on college preparatory curriculum enhanced by individualized instruction and support for independent learning. Academic High School provides the power of a flexible learning environment and educational technology to serve students. Academic High School is 100% COMPLIANT with the Florida Department of Education through June 2018.

School Overview

Academic High School is a private school, specializing in college preparatory education for students in grades 6–12 and adults. Programs are individually designed to support student’s specific goals through a menu of more than 100 courses, including a full range of core curriculum, honors classes, electives and college prep courses.

Students benefit from our rich and demanding curriculum, instruction by QUALIFIED teachers and dedicated Academic Advisors.


The curriculum provides a variety of academic opportunities to meet the needs of the students so that they can achieve academic success.

Courses are highly interactive including custom learning activities that require students to use critical thinking skills. Students must analyze and evaluate information, as well as use data to solve problems. In addition, the learning platform provides students with continuous assessment and feedback from instructors through classroom participation.

Full-time, part-time, and summer school enrollments are accepted. Open enrollment is offered, meaning students may start their courses any time throughout the year. Honors courses are offered in English, Mathematics, Science, and History.

The following is a partial list of institutions to which graduates have been accepted: Florida State University, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Palm Beach State College, Automotive Institute of Orlando, and Broward College.  Call us for an up to date list.