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We increase High School Graduation rates with our friendly and proven curriculum and method of instruction!

Regular High School grades 9 - 12 

Middle School  grades 6 - 8

We are the friendly school that students and parents recognize for promoting students self-esteem and success. We offer a full range of courses from remedial to honors subjects.  We let you try our school for one day FREE of charge before you enroll. So, try us TODAY!

Get a new start on your success. Earn missing credits, raise your GPA, learn at your own pace, optional year-round classes and/or graduate early. You can even transfer earned credits back to any public school. We have small class sizes. Earn the good grades you deserve and succeed, because everybody deserves a second chance.

Teachers meet the Florida Department of Education requirements.  Each teacher grades and engages our students. We have student lesson plans for each and every student. Therefore, students reach their goals on a personal level.

Call to set up an appointment and tour our school.  You can come and meet our teachers, staff, administration and the Principal, Mr. Sheldon Klasfeld.

We are one of the most affordable schools in the State of Florida and we have comfortable payment plans for all of our programs.


For our advanced students, we offer Dual Enrollment and Florida Virtual School courses to graduate early. We partner with local colleges for these advanced courses and college credits while the student attends our school.