EARN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Come in and we can get your school transcript for free evaluation.


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Today is the 1st day of school if you enroll today.  You are always a part of our Academic family.

Welcome AHS students! 

Total cost and fees: 

$100 application fee is all you need to get started.  Our fees have never increased for 24 years. (when we opened) This is a gift of a lifetime for YOURSELF, and only $895 for the program.  Payments or payoff can be made over time as you do the work:  no finance charge and no late fees.  We want you to graduate. Just do the written work.  The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.  You graduate when you are finished (anytime during the calendar year). We even offer individual graduation ceremony with optional cap and gown. Invite your immediate family or friends to take pictures and watch you officially graduate high school.

   We are responsible for your legal high school transcript and documentation for the remainder of your life. That includes your, official transcript and official high school diploma.  Our official Florida Department of Education high school code is #50-4369.  

We offer a friendly environment.  Let us know if your child has an IEP.

 Come in, meet us in a Covid-19 safe place and fill out an application today!

We can email you an application. 

Enrollment is as simple as calling us now!


                                                                                      We do not discriminate for any reason.  We are fair and equal for everyone, regardless of race, sexual preference, religion. 

 Bullying is not acceptable at Academic High School.
We even produced an award winning video.
Milo vs. the World (A Story About Bullying) 
Click the link to veiw their video.